Tips On How You Should Sell Diabetic Test Strips For Cash

close up of man checking blood sugar by glucometer

Every diabetic patient should have a kit to regularly test their blood sugar because diabetic is a condition that needs continuous monitoring. Most of the diabetic patients purchase various test strips, and when they find a favorite kit, they abandon the other boxes. Eventually, they find themselves with a collection of boxes that they do not need. They end up throwing away good diabetic test strips boxes forgetting they are pricey. Some diabetic patients cannot afford to purchase the diabetic test strips due to low income, fixed incomes or lack of having an insurance cover. These people get help from different organizations, and it would be to join in the effort to help. There are those diabetics who realize they have more diabetic test strip than they need because they receive them regularly. At times they pile up because they have reduced the number of times they test the sugar levels. There are those people who used to test for their blood sugar when they were pregnant, and after the pregnancy, they remain with some of the test strip boxes.

You may have a loved one who used the test strips but unfortunately they pass on, and you also remain with extra test strips. There are many reasons why you might have extra test strips that you no longer need. It is allowed to sell test strips even without a doctor’s prescription. When you are planning to sell the test strips for cash, remember that not all of them are in demand. The boxes you sell should be sealed with no damages. Make sure there are no damages on the seals, and they are not expired. They should have a minimum of six months to their expiry date, a popular brand and should be in excellent condition. Anyone can sell their test strips if they are the legal owners. The law restricts selling diabetic test strips that are labeled as Medicaid or Medicare. You can get cash for diabetic test strips at a discount to someone who needs test strips but cannot afford them. There are those dealers who buy the test strips for donation. Once you get a company which can obtain the test strips they mostly send their payments in the form of a check or a money order. You can easily find buyers from the internet. Do some research online and find companies and individual who need to buy affordable diabetic strip boxes.

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